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The aerospace and defense markets offer attractive growth perspectives

While some sectors of the global economy have been struggling to catch their breath since 2008, the aeronautics sector is doing better than ever. Deloitte points to this by citing a 2016 growth rate of 1.7% for the global aerospace…

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How to develop a business in the European aeronautics sector?

OEMs under pressure from the restructuring of their customers and subcontractors have no choice but to make fundamental changes. Strategies are adapting, to claim the status of aircraft manufacturers’ partners and give themselves an international dimension. Industrial organizations are reviewed….

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What are the strategic alliances in the European defence industry

A European defense worthy of the name must guarantee the security of its citizens wherever they are, protect its infrastructure and defend its interests around the world. However, few states have the capacity to respond alone to all defense needs….

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How to settle your European sales force in an efficient way ?

In order to develop and optimize your sales force, you must first know the strengths and weaknesses of each of your sales people and from there establish a training program for everyone. Firefighters or mercenaries…this is the image that is…

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