European franchise opportunities

The English franchises that could work in France

London is a great laboratory of experiences for the concepts of fast food, snacking and a more global way for food shops. Signs and franchises that caught our attention include Byron on the burger market, Tortilla on Mexican-inspired fast food,…

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International franchise: exciting opportunities abound

Although France is the leading European franchise with nearly 1900 networks, this model exists and grows in many other countries. In Europe, where it is most represented, there are nearly 14,000 stores. However, franchising also delights further in Central Asia,…

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What are some examples of franchise businesses ?

Are you a former employee, a retraining professional, or just a project manager that wants to start his / her own business? Do you want to create a successful company or business that gives new impetus to your professional career?…

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of a franchise business ?

Faced with inventive competition and a market often close to saturation, an entrepreneur who opts for the franchising business chooses the pace of rapid development through the network system. This activity has several advantages, but also many constraints. The benefits…

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How can you make your franchise a success ?

Since the advent of the franchise’s organized business model in the 1960s, the networks have continued to be original and bold in developing new concepts in many industries. This development success is growing year by year. And even in this…

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