International franchise: exciting opportunities abound

Although France is the leading European franchise with nearly 1900 networks, this model exists and grows in many other countries. In Europe, where it is most represented, there are nearly 14,000 stores. However, franchising also delights further in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Most countries where the franchise exists have a federation and an ethical code to promote standards.

Two organizations federate members internationally:

The European Franchise Federation (EFF) was founded in 1972 and has offices in Belgium. Its role is to promote and protect the franchise in Europe. It also plays a facilitating role in inter-member communication and ensures the accession of the “European Code of Ethics” The World Franchise Council is a non-political association founded in 1994 with the aim of promoting the growth of the franchise internationally and encouraging the development of associations in countries where they do not exist. The WFC represents 40 associations and nearly 40,000 brands. Discover the countries where the franchise is developing through dossiers, focus on recruiting brands and a selection of partners specific to one or more countries.

Developing a franchise

Whether you are a franchisor or potential franchisee in England, using Franchise Point can greatly improve your chances of finding what you are looking for. The franchise market in the United States is competitive, bursting with opportunities and candidates. However, rather than trusting luck, geo-located search for franchises that want to grow allows franchisors to connect with the best candidates and entrepreneurs to discover the best franchises.

The benefits of franchise development

Choosing to develop your franchise brand is having the will to create a national (and potentially international), while trusting investors aware of the issues. Applying to external contractors makes his concept grow. This brings first of all new perspectives on projects but also the possibility of teamwork.
The English franchises that could work in France
What are some examples of franchise businesses ?

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