How to settle your European sales force in an efficient way ?

In order to develop and optimize your sales force, you must first know the strengths and weaknesses of each of your sales people and from there establish a training program for everyone. Firefighters or mercenaries…this is the image that is sometimes attached to outsourced salespeople, even though they benefit from the best tools for sales support and specialized training. Intervening during a peak of activity or dealing with a deep market, they allow the company to vary its costs. To work well with these “outside” salespeople, follow the instructions for use.

Salespeople training

When they receive training, sales representatives are extremely often trained on catalog presentations, arguments and responses to objections that customers will present to them. You can visit in order to learn more about sales representatives agencies’ trainings. The training they follow does not usually change their bad habits. Sales scenarios only include the product portion of the sale. The relational part of the training is often just a series of recipes. Most of the exercises that are done are based on a response to objections and tend to put the salesperson in an incessant struggle with the customer. The exercises are not usually done until the commercial can apply without thinking, until it becomes completely natural.

Evaluate your salespeople

You want to know more precisely who you have to do. Which are the commercials with high potential? What is the state of mind of each of them? What are they up against? What is the morale of the troops? Who can you count on? How to manage each of them? Etc. So many questions for which a manager or sales manager would like to have answers and certainties. This step is vital because it allows you to see clearly in your teams and provides an overview of the skills and strengths involved. You will discover the strengths and weaknesses of each of your sellers as well as their difficulties and the underlying causes invisible in first analysis. It also makes it possible to define with great precision the points that will absolutely have to be addressed and worked during the training.

Communicate with your sales force

If you have an internal sales team, the secret of a good cohabitation with the external sales force lies above all in intelligent communication. If your outsourcing decision is legitimate, you will have no trouble submitting it internally; everyone will understand it easily. If the strategies differ, the teams do too. For example, you keep key account customers in-house and outsource SMEs. Two projects, two management teams, two modes of remuneration. You will find yourself there and everyone should find his place! No possible overlap between the two populations.
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