European businessman: where to find a web marketing consultant?

There are basically two categories of web consultants: freelance consultants and consultants attached to a web consulting firm. So you have two ways to find a web consultant:
  • Use freelance platforms available. There are several, although some stand out clearly.
  • Identify web consulting firms, doing some research on search engines (thanks Google).

Freelance platforms

It’s the story of the egg and the chicken. Certainly, if freelance platforms flourish, it is thanks to the development of freelancing and the favorable evolution of the legal framework (creation of the auto-entrepreneur scheme in particular). But it is also these platforms that have allowed the very powerful development of this new form of work that is freelancing. A freelancer is a self-employed person, working alone in a completely autonomous way, sometimes from home or in a coworking space, practicing an activity mostly related to digital, all of which is backed by a very light legal structure: sole proprietorship, wage-earning , more rarely SASU … The aim of the freelance platforms is to facilitate the link between freelancers and companies looking for these profiles “free electrons”. There are two main modes of operation on these platforms. We distinguish:
  • The platforms on which the company goes to freelance. This is the “headhunter” model, so to speak. You type a consultant profile in the search bar (for example “web consultant”), the platform offers all registered freelance profiles corresponding to your search.
  • The platforms where the freelancer goes to the company. This is the more classic model of the call for tenders. The company publishes a mission offer and receives proposals from freelancers registered on the platform. The company sorts and chooses the most interesting proposal, according to its criteria.
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