Why create a blog before launching e-commerce?

It is important to create a blog to talk about your e-commerce project, even before it’s launch Many entrepreneurs decided to create a blog to talk about their project, initially to simply share their daily business creation, then they realize that their approach interests many more people than they thought. After 3 months, they have dozens of regular visitors and comments. So that, the day of the opening of the site, there are some hundreds of readers who are waiting for that. They are happy to relay the existence of your site in their address book and in their network. Better yet, they are your first customers! They give you feedback on the small bugs they encountered during their first visit, but they do not blame you because they know you are doing what you can, and they will come back anyway. Yes, it’s like in an e-shopper’s dream and this is possible thanks to the blog. But what must be said to get here? I think the secret is simply in sharing.

1. Share your experience as a business creator

All surveys on business creation reveal that half of French people dream of one day being their own boss. But very few take the plunge. This may be why you can generate interest that you do not suspect. Because you dared to do what everyone dreams to do too. Dare to speak about your project, share your experience, your daily life. Indirectly, you involve your readers in your project and that, they love.

2. Talk about your products, ask for advice

Is my logo clear? Is my concept attractive? Am I doing it the right way? How to find partners? Etc. All these questions that you will ask yourself, ask them also to your readers. They can find an echo and bring answers, new lines of thought.

3. Humanize your future site

Most customers of an online store only perceive from the site the interface of the software that allows them to order their products. Yet, a site is much more than that. There is always an entrepreneur behind a site, a person like you and me, a person who works hard to satisfy his clients. Dare to show this facet of your site through the blog, and you give it a dimension that no e-commerce leader can claim: humanity. I do not know if you’re like me, but I’d much rather buy in a small online store that I know virtually the guy behind, rather than buying from a bulldozer of e-commerce that made me come to him through marketing.
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