Web Consultants : where to find and how to select a good web consultant?

You are a company or a project leader and you want to hire a web consultant? The web consultant is the professional whose job is to support its customers to develop on the web and through the web. The purpose of this guide is to help you find the right one! There are different specialties in web consulting: webanalyse, SEO, AdWords, UX … We will start by giving you an idea of ​​the cost of a web consultant, depending on the field of specialization, because an SEO consultant does not cost the same amount as an AdWords consultant. We will then see the two main options available to you to find web consultants: freelance platforms and web consulting firms. In the end, we will give you some tips to recruit the right web consultant and avoid casting errors.

First of all, how much does a web consultant cost?

The price of a web consultant is most often expressed in TJM that is to say in “Average daily rate”. And for good reason: the majority of consultants are freelancers and charge to the working day. In the table below, we give you an estimate of the average TJM for five specialties:
  • Consultant webanalyse or webanalytics: His job is to analyze the behavior of your visitors or customers via analytics tools (Google Analytics for example) to identify solutions to optimize traffic and conversion on your platform (website, software, application …) .
  • SEO consultant: Its function is to assist you in the implementation of your SEO strategy (keyword targeting …) and the application of techniques & methods “SEO” to increase your visibility on search engines (Google) . The SEO consultant is the professional who helps you boost the traffic of your website.
  • AdWords Consultant: Expert in SEA (Search Engine Advertising), he supports companies in optimizing their visibility on the internet through Search advertising. He designs and manages advertising campaigns on search engines (Google AdWords, Bing AdWords …).
  • RTB consultant: Expert in digital advertising, the RTB consultant supports companies in the creation, optimization and management of Display advertising campaigns (purchase of advertising space on AdExchange, management …).
  • UX consultant: Expert in user experience, resulting from the design professions, the consultant UX imagines platforms (websites, applications and software) designed to meet the expectations of the user. To do this, it is based on criteria such as accessibility, ergonomics, simplicity, intuition, credibility … Model maker and the UX consultant collaborates with developers for the construction of platforms.
The freelance consultant
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