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How to create a service offering that hits the mark? Which are the errors to avoid? What are the different elements of the offer to integrate to get a mission? This seems to be a recurring question for the freelance consultant: to produce the offer that will stand out from the competition, correspond in all respects to the client’s needs and will ultimately be selected. This is what we want to address in this article. For this, we suggest you access a model of service offer at the end of this article, which allows me to achieve a conversion rate of 70% today. But be patient and read the content of this post which will reveal the errors to avoid with this model and other tips to get the most value.

An important step in the choice of the freelance consultant

In a previous article, we unveiled the 3 steps to get a mission with the “maintenance matrix”. If you are not familiar with the concept, we invite you immediately to consult the article so as not to lose the thread of the discussion. We have good news for those who know this approach: 50% of the work is already done. During the interview with your client, you have already created the basic structure to carry out your service offer and obtain the essential information to formulate your proposal. The important thing to remember is that the decision to select you is built around a series of acquiescence from your client. During the interview, he must gradually recognize his need in the way you summarize his problems, difficulties, goals, etc. In a second step, when you send him your proposal, it must be a new acquiescence and the desire to work with you will be strengthened.

Model service offer

This is to describe the situation as the customer presented it to you. A classic mistake is to fill long paragraphs with the description of the company, turnover, presence, competition, etc. Instead, we recommend focusing on the situation, ongoing actions to resolve potential issues, and progressively bringing the reason why your services are relevant. The goal is to have your client once again agree, “Yes, that’s exactly what we discussed. »

The “why” explained

In this section you can present 3 different perspectives: – Objectives: present them as a list of points, with complete sentences. 3 to 4 goals that describe why your customer is calling on you are enough. – Measures of success: how can we measure that these goals are achieved? Use indicators identified during the discussion or trends, such as increasing or decreasing an indicator continuously. – The value of your proposal: this is an essential point. What will be the positive consequences for your client if he achieves the above objectives?

The “how” explained

This is usually a part where the freelance consultant has no problem. Indeed, in this paragraph, you will talk about the methods, tools, processes, planning and responsibilities of the different actors. You can also present several benefit options with increasing customer values. These options must have been addressed during the interview with your client. Do not show pricing in this section.

You are unique

Summarize the unique value proposition of your offer as a list of points.
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • certifications
We usually integrate here a bonus type 1 to 3 months of completely free email support.

The financial proposal

Give immediately the price of the services and the options envisaged. Then explain the terms and conditions of the undertaking: payment period, method of payment, management of travel expenses and other costs. Also highlight the free items that you offer or make available to the customer during the engagement: such as travel expenses within the metropolitan area, a set of case studies or a list of standard documents to speed up the project. Even if it does not seem critical to you, the customer will appreciate these bonuses and it will reinforce the idea of ​​working with you. You can also propose to reduce your benefit by 10% if the payment is made in one go at the beginning of the mission. Some companies are interested in this kind of agreement. Do not forget to provide a page for the approval of the offer with the location of the signatures of interested parties.
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