Very simple tips to enhance a coworking space

For businesses looking for workspaces, coworking is a real alternative to the classic 3/6/9 lease. To meet these new needs, more and more centers are opening up all over France, and today they are estimated at more than 700. The challenge for these new players is to fill their so-called spaces, “private” by targeting companies looking for small and medium-sized areas to accommodate their employees with flexible conditions.

Be specific!

The best way to make your spaces visible to real estate research managers is to be present on the main corporate real estate advertising sites. Most of them propose formulas adapted to the actors of the coworking, allowing you to diffuse several advertisements according to the different spaces which you wish to present.

Invest in quality photos

In real estate business, the quality of photos has greatly improved in recent years. Transaction professionals have realized that the valuation of their offers requires visual quality and sufficient to allow users to project. All you have to do is go through the listings of office rentals to find that in tight markets, there are few ads that display poor quality photos. To value a coworking space, investing in professional photos is no longer an opportunity but a necessity. Comparatively, your center will suffer from comparison with competing spaces if your visuals are not level…

Capture attention with an eye catching title

When a business owner is looking for premises, he faces dozens of ads whose title usually meets a very classic pattern. Offering private offices is already a differentiating element when your ads appear in the middle of classic leases. But you can go further by capitalizing on the differentiating elements of each space from the title of the ad.

Present all your associated services

One of the advantages of coworking centers compared to a traditional commercial lease is to offer a battery of associated services. Cleaning, Internet access, copying, but also conferences, training, coaching … everything is included in a global subscription, which not only allows business leaders to focus on their business but also to gain skills and well-being daily. Keep in mind that your spaces are in competition with property offered in classic rental; saving time and comfort that bring these associated services are therefore an argument of weight to make you stand out!

Use structured fields

On the ad sites, there are two types of users: those who are content with the main filters (location, type of property, minimum area, maximum rent) and those who customize their search using specific secondary criteria (air conditioning). , optical fiber, state of the good …). These are a minority, but more precise filters are often the sign of a better framed project, more successful and therefore contacts … more qualified!

Integrate plans into your ads

We saw in our 2nd point that the photos were generally of good quality in office real estate. When it comes to visuals presenting workspaces, you still have a lever to differentiate yourself: the plans. In addition to a professional photo report, a plan makes it possible to get a clear idea of ​​the volume of each space and to project more easily. Especially when you show your ads on a site that automatically separates plans from photos, as is the case for OfficesLocaux.

Treat the presentation of your center

Beyond your ads that individually present each of your private spaces as shared, consider enhancing your center in its entirety. Here again, it is a capital reinsurance lever for business leaders who bring a lot of importance to the “turnkey” aspect of your subscription offers. When a company opts for a coworking center, the community aspect is often one of the most appreciated by its teams. Do not neglect this axis that can, on its own, help you attract new loyal customers.
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