Find the right franchise for you using a business consultant

A franchise consultant is a professional consultant and coaching service provider for franchisors (most of the time) and / or franchise candidates (wannabe franchisees). His/Her knowledge and professionalism in the franchise and associated business must be recognized even if this activity is not (yet) regulated. Check for more. In order to impose his/her credibility, a franchise consultant will have to justify his/her skills by his/her experience within a franchise (development service for example), by his/her skills gained in another franchise consulting firm, as a former franchisor or current franchisor (however, be careful of conflicts of interest), or thanks to clearly identified references (the best example being satisfied customer recommendations). First, it is important to distinguish the commercial network (franchisor) from the franchise candidate (future franchisee).

Role of a franchise consultant

A franchise consultant aims to provide know-how to those who use his/her services (the franchisor or the candidate), analyzes, advises and processes each request. A franchise consultant will also bring his methodology and experience gained in the franchise world, to promote quality signatures between the franchisor and the franchise candidate.

Benefits for the commercial network

Seeking the help of a professional can optimize the franchise development. The franchise consultant follows a precise and controlled process. Indeed, this consultant is a development specialist unlike a franchisor or head of a network that simultaneously manages the development, recruitment, training, management, sales, marketing, communication … The franchise consultant gives the sales network a significant time saving, a professional image and ultimately increases the number of franchisees. Finally, the franchise consultant is a person external to the company: it represents a financial burden for the commercial network, certainly, but in no case a wage charge (it offers certain flexibility for the management of the business payroll).

Benefits for the franchise candidate

The franchise consultant can also assist candidates in finding a franchisor. The candidate then receives professional support from the franchise consultant: determination of the candidate’s profile, determination of the geographical area sought, determination of the maximum personal contribution, determination of the experience and know-how, determination of the sector, business and the appropriate brand. The franchise consultant will also be able to check the DIP (pre-contractual information document), the conditions and clauses stipulated in the contract, draw up a business plan, carry out a market study … By all these steps, many pitfalls will be avoided because, as for any business creation, it is important not to make mistakes!
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