How to open a franchise in the United Kingdom ?

The UK welcomes foreign franchises with open arms. Particularly open to international franchises and especially American, the United Kingdom however has some cultural differences to cross in order to develop a franchise. By publishing a report on the franchise, the BFA or British Franchise Association announced that franchises are constantly evolving despite the economic crisis that has affected the country. There are approximately more than 900 banners and some 40,000 franchised units in the United Kingdom. In all, these companies employ nearly 600,000 employees. Foreign franchises are all the more beneficial for the English economy because its total contribution is around 17 billion euros.

Prepare well for opening a franchise in the UK

For a franchise based in the UK, it is important to stay strong in the face of the crisis. The economic situation can sometimes be difficult and requires some control. The most successful franchises are in the information technology and communication, marketing and fast food sectors. Being a liberal country, the UK is open to entrepreneurship. The important thing for a French brand is to know how to protect their brand by taking into account the specificities of the English market. French franchises also encounter other problems such as cultural difference. Anglo-Saxon culture is less affordable than French culture. However, the maturity of the UK market favors the establishment of several international brands.

Open and develop your franchise in the UK

Entering the UK is one thing and growing in the UK market is another. As a foreign franchise, you need to know how to integrate yourself perfectly in the English market. You can gain excellent knowledge of the English market and anticipate the needs of consumers to develop innovative marketing models. This is a significant investment that ensures the sustainability of your business.

The favorite areas of the English franchise

In the United Kingdom, the main areas that develop under franchise are, in reality, the same as in France. We then find catering in mind (including fast-food or take-out food brands) followed closely by the personal service. These two sectors are the most profitable in the country. Currently, it is mainly possible to find on some web sites brands cards like Domino’s, McDonald’s or Marks and Spencer. But also other well-known brands on the other side of the Channel, including Bagel Corner whose brand is also well established in France, Creams Cafe and Crepeaffaire, but also Drive Hire and Brocolli Pizza & Pasta.
Franchising in the United Kingdom
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