How to grow your sales in Europe in an efficient and innovative way ?

When talking about the franchise in Europe, it is important to focus on the stages of business creation, and all the upheavals that are brought about by becoming a franchisee. The choice of the concept, the mounting of the financial file, the search for a local, the preparation of the point of sale for the opening … So many milestones that build the basis of what will be the daily life of the franchisee. And then what? How to grow this activity that you have launched? How to increase the turnover of your point of sale in franchise? Here are our tips.

Increase point-of-sale traffic and win new customers

Making your point of sale an important place of passage is essential if you plan to increase your turnover in European countries. How to do it? Start by identifying the types of customers who visit you. The usual customers are your base, and must be listened to so that their loyalty is prolonged in time. To avoid losing them, consider rewarding their loyalty with bonuses or cards. To make them feel important, do not hesitate to survey them, to know their desires in terms of assortment (new products, withdrawal of some references) and services (time slots, delivery system, take-away races).

Increase the average purchase basket and make additional sales

To bring more people to the point of sale is good. To sell them more products and increase the average ticket is even better. In order for your customers to slip into their shopping basket, more products, no choice, we must act. Expand the point of sale: if your space is too small, the number of references proposed may be too low, and prevent larger purchases. The time to move has come. If you do not have the means to change premises, then think about changing your furniture, with larger shelves to increase the quota of references to the linear meter. You will then feel like pushing the walls!

Use of the franchise websites

87% of franchisors integrate a Web to Store strategy by setting up at least one device on their website to encourage consumers to go to points of sale. Franchisors set up different tools for the Web-to-Store. Franchisers value their network by generating interest on the Internet through promotional and event operations, but also increasingly using point of sale geo-tracking tools. Communication is becoming increasingly important in the retention of customers. Particularly, the direct marketing operations are appreciated within the networks: sending mail to customers, loyalty cards and sending SMS on regulars’ mobile phones.
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