Franchise in the UK

UK franchises are subject to regulations from the European
Franchise Federation, the British Franchise Association and the European Code of Ethics for Franchising...

Franchising in England

Franchising in England

With its strong growth of approximately 7% each year and according to many international experts, the English franchise sector has a bright future ahead.

UK franchising situation

UK franchising situation

Attracted by the privileged situation of current franchisees in the United Kingdom, more and more young entrepreneurs are opting for the act of franchising.

Young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs

Franchising business creation is increasingly popular with young entrepreneurs, a good way to become one’s own boss with 90% chance of succeeding.

Franchise Exhibition

Franchise Exhibition

Every year, the UNited Kingdom welcomes the “Who’s Who” of the franchise at the very popular British & International Franchise Exhibition.

The UK's franchising market

There is an active and accessible franchise market in the UK which international franchisors could benefit from.

The franchise situation in Britain remains much less restrictive and less regulated than in most European countrie. Apart from the recommendations of the British Franchising Association (BFA), there is little regulation for the franchise and the context is very advantageous for new entrepreneurs, provides more infos.

The franchises' number one destination

Some clarifications on UK franchises

Starting a business in the UK

You will need to choose your business status . This will depend on a number of things like your field, the status you are considering for yourself…

UK franchise premises

Regarding premises, in the UK, despite the existence of an easier system for franchisors, it is often difficult to find premises for retail stores.

A still deficient area

All in all, the UK is a region where any franchise is generally well received and where the sector is deficient in the retail trade and catering markets.

Should we really fear the worst for aviation


Should we really fear the worst for aviation?

In case of no agreement between the European Union and the UK on Brexit, the threat of grounding airplanes has often been mentioned. Well, some EU countries are working on how to maintain direct connectivity between them and the UK. Even if there is no agreement on air services, these countries could approve the flight schedules of companies connecting the two sides.

When it comes to in the aerospace and defense industries, aerospace sales representatives like Absoluz Consulting should encounter no issues whatsoever in offering their services.

Exporting a franchise to the UK

Understanding the market to sustain your brand

Branding and understanding the UK market

To settle in the UK, entrepreneurs must protect their brands and understand the UK market.

As liberal as it is, the UK market is not easy to invest in. It is certainly less permeable to some European markets than the opposite, which explains why some fringe concepts are difficult to export to this region. In addition, the British market is mature: many international brands are already established there. It can therefore be difficult to win in this abundance of offers, especially in the catering sector, more details on

Being acquainted with the UK franchise market

Tips for a successful franchise in the UK

Long-term presence

In order to establish a long-term presence in the United Kingdom, some businesses begin by buying the independent company which distributes its products exclusively on British soil in order to integrate it as a British subsidiary.

Adapting your business

It is necessary to adapt your business concept, at the legal, marketing and financial levels and to surround yourself with experts to ensure a certain sustainability and to be able to duplicate the concept with time.

The franchisee’s importance

The franchisor must make sure he/she chooses an experienced master franchisee, with sufficient financial base, but also a real motivation to expand and work on the products you aim to win the market with.

UK franchise sectors

In the UK, we are seeing more and more personal assistance companies offering services such as grass cutting, car washing, small repairs for individuals etc.

With no business premises, these companies and franchises with a low investment have some success with people aged between 25 and 40 who have neither the desire nor the time to take care of these little things of everyday life. Between fast food and personal services, the English market, receptive and cosmopolitan, offers multiple possibilities.